Climb Kalamazoo's COVID Management Plan

- Climb Kalamazoo will stay up to date with recommendations from the CDC

- Monitor CDC and State and Local authorities for recommendations and make changes accordingly as things progress throughout the year

- Updates and changes will be made quickly - thanks for working with us on any changes


Air Quality

  • Masks required for everyone in the building

  • Air sanitizing equipment installed in air handlers

  • Air handlers set to fresh air intake as conditions allow


  • All guests

  • Staff before starting a shift

  • Including temp and symptoms

  • No-one with known symptoms or recent exposure will be allowed in the building

Sanitizing Protocols

  • Regular cleaning and sanitizing of commonly touched surfaces

  • Hand sanitizer stations at strategic points

  • Studies have shown both liquid chalk, as well as chalk on climbing holds kills the virus within a short time: According to one study, “The results showed that within just one minute of the virus coming into contact with the chalk, the number of infectious particles in all of the samples was reduced by more than 99%.”







Hand Washing and Hand Sanitizer Stations

  • All guests asked to wash hands with soap and water before and after climbing

  • Climbers asked to use hand sanitizer if they touch their face between climbs

  • Hand sanitizer stations now available throughout the climbing areas

  • Sinks available for washing with soap and water



  • Guests must review and agree to current terms/updates when making a reservation

  • Points reviewed upon sign up

  • Posted upon arrival

  • Posters throughout the gym – reminders and CDC recommendations



  • Regular staff walk-throughs and monitoring

  • Reminders on distancing, sanitizing hands and proper mask placement



Updated 09/27/2020