Mountain Climber

Lead Climb

Candidates for the lead climbing class should be experienced climbers before signing up.


Able to climb multiple 5.10s at the gym

Able to belay PBUS technique

3+ months regular climbing experience

Age 12 - Lead only with Adult Lead Belayer

Age 16 - Lead and Belay

Plan 1.5 hours for the first session of our two part class. We will teach and assess advanced belay skills, rope handling, knots, and roped falling. Climbers will practice these skills before testing out to the second portion. After testing, the instructor will make any recommendations and schedule the next session accordingly.

Plan 2 hours for the second session. This session will teach handling lead gear, clipping, catching dynamic falls, and include a practice lead and finally a lead test. Once tested, qualified leaders will receive a Climb Kalamazoo Lead Card to display while climbing here.