Phase 1.0 Starting September 19th, 2020


Effective Immediately: Member Climbs by Reservation Only!

We’re super excited to have you back!! Please be kind, it’s been a hard year for everyone, especially for small business owners. We’re trying to do this without any major price increase. This may affect our route setting frequency and other services. We’re hoping to open with these temporary guidelines and make adjustments quickly as guidelines change or as we see opportunities to better serve our members and guests. Please be patient as we make changes.

What are the need to know changes for Stage 1?

  • Members and current Punch Card holders only, by appointment

  • Renew your waiver ahead of time online

  • Your first visit back will automatically unfreeze your membership

  • Liquid Chalk Only - No chalk bags

  • Health Screenings at check in

  • Masks required at all times

  • Limited to 25 climbers in the building

  • Retail sales are now available to members and the public.

  • Freezes will resume charging $8 per member Oct 1. Pre-paid members will pay any freeze fees upon unfreezing membership.

We are also hosting private events. Contact to schedule an event.

Temporarily Unavailable:

  • Day passes / Guests / Climbing access to the Public / Belay Lessons

  • Member Guest Passes

  • Purchase of new Punch Cards, Trial Memberships

How can Members sign up?!

  1. Get the app – RGPro Connect

  2. Create a profile (so you don’t have to enter your personal info each time)

  3. Click “Member Climbs” and sign up for any available sessions

  4. Doors open 5 minutes early and close 20 minutes after the hour.

  5. Call if you arrive late to the door and find it locked.

  6. Please leave on time to allow sanitizing time.

  7. Limit one sign up per day - if there's space in the next block you may be able to stay.

What if my membership has lapsed?

You can sign up as long as you renew your membership upon arrival.

Can I sign up if I’m not a member yet?

Yes if you're purchasing or renewing a membership. Public reservations will be available starting Oct 9th.

Update: 09.27.2020 - members and punch card holders - feel free to sign up with your returning guests at regular daily rates.

Phase 2.0 – Starting October 9th

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC – please read limitations


Open to the public by appointment (reservations coming soon)

Please review our COVID management plan

New to our gym? Limited to 4 belay lessons per hour (reservations coming soon)

Belay lesson time is scheduled separate from climbing time so you still get 1:40 to climb. Required for anyone 14 and up (let us know in advance if you need an exemption considering a disability, we will do our best to accommodate)


Occupancy Limits


  • Retail guests - limit 12.

  • Spectator - limit 6. (viewing areas, lounge and walkways)

  • Limit 25 on the climbing floor plus staff.

  • No kids parties allowed at this time.

  • Due to limited number of spaces on the climbing floor, belayers will need to purchase a day pass even if they are not climbing.

  • This means max attendance for BSA events this year will be 31 guests plus staff, including up to 25 climbers and up to 6 non-climbers.

Members can sign up as many 5 days in advance, or even last minute as spots are available. This is designed to give members priority when booking so long as they sign up early. Freezes resume charging $8 per member Oct 1.

Guests (the public) and Punch Card holders can sign up 1 day before, or even last minute as spots are available.

What happens if I show up without a reservation? You may find the door locked as we may be sanitizing or monitoring the climbing floor, please call once you’re at the door. If space allows we will accommodate you, but you will be turned away if the climbing floor is at occupancy.