• We do not have staff to hold the rope (belay) for climbers. Those 14 and older will learn to belay on their first visit.

  • Kids age 3-13 cannot go climbing on their own, they must have a qualified belayer (see above) Please do not bring more than 4 children per belayer

  • A $14 per person non-refundable climbing floor pass will be charged at the time of booking. This pays for your space on the climbing floor, but gear and instruction are additional charges - see daily rates

  • Climbing times are limited to 2 hour blocks, you have to buy another climbing floor pass to stay for the next block

  • New climber orientation classes reserve 3 hours in order to learn the belay before climbing time and stay on for the upcoming 2 hour block


  • Retail area - no reservations required

  • No kids parties/ birthday parties allowed

  • Sign up separately for new climbers/vs. returning climbers. All kids age 3-13 sign up under returning climbers even if they are new (they will need to be with a belay qualified adult)