Scouts BSA Merit Badge Lock-ins:

Press                    to preview calendar availability and book your event.

We will contact you the week before your event to review current covid management and answer any questions.

  • Please include all attendees in your booking so we can staff accordingly, we will calculate your final cost based on event attendance.

  • Price per Participant $55 / Event Minimum $550.

  • A $550 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation and will apply to the participant cost.

  • Troop Leaders that will belay or climb are free up to 3:1 paid scouts to leaders. Additional leaders beyond 3:1 ratio can observe only or be paid participants at $55/per.

  • Online booking currently allows one troop with up to 25 total.

​Additional Requirements - WAIVER POLICY

Booking Confirmation Email requires action!! Find the "Sign Required Documents" link. Send this link to your participants or their parents. Once they sign the documents they will be signed up for your event, and you will see a list of all those who have completed their sign up forms on the "Manage Event" button found in the same email. Save the email and double check the "Manage Event" button a few days to see if everyone has signed up. If they are not on the list they will not be able to climb. Let us know if you need help with this.


Warning for Signing Required Documents: It is an act of fraud to misrepresent your identity in any way or claim to be the parent or legal guardian of a minor if you, in fact, are not such. A legal guardian is court appointed, and is different than someone with an "in care of" agreement or other note from parents.


  • To complete the Climbing Merit Badge at Climb Kalamazoo you must be 13 years or older. We thank you for understanding that we do not negotiate the age requirement.

  • Scouts 12 and under are invited and will be able to climb during the lock in. They will not belay for others or hold rappel lines. We do not offer partial merit badge training for this age group.

  • Adults Leaders may attend to belay and climb, just belay, or supervise scouts as an observer only.


​Program Itinerary:


  • Program time 8:00pm to 8:00am any day of the week. Arrive by 8:00pm sharp for check-in.

  • A roll call by Climb Kzoo staff will determine training groups. The program will include climbing gear, facility tour and orientation, lessons, refreshers for returning guests, and auto belay and bouldering guidelines will be discussed.

  • We normally have at least one person on staff who is registered as a climbing merit badge counselor. 

  • Following the belay test, open climbing will begin and scouts working on the merit badge can complete climbing and belay requirements.

  • After a break for food, open climbing will continue and scouts working on merit badge requirements will learn rope care and proper coiling as well as rappel starting from a deck positioned at the top of the climbing wall. 

  • By ~2:00 a.m. all climbing gear should be returned to the front desk and it's time for lights out. Scouts should plan to bring sleeping bag and camp out on the padded climbing floor at this time.

  • 7am wake up call and all participants should be picked up before 8am.​

  • The gym has a lounge facility where quick meals can be prepared or meetings held during the event. Pizzas may be ordered and delivered to the gym. Each troop is responsible for determining the appropriateness of sugar and/or caffeine consumed by scouts and will take full responsibility for the repercussions of over-consumption of such products.